Autumn dahav

Student holidays are slowly coming to an end, the days get shorter and the nights cooler. For us, fishermen means only one thing, autumn is coming and with it the most promising time for fishing. Because I spent most of the holidays working through student service, I was unable to realize longer fishing due to lack of time. I make a compromise and decide on a two-day fishing trip on Soboska Kamenšnica, where I will work for the company of my brother, who has planned a longer campaign in early September.

Due to my commitment, I came to the water in the afternoon, which greatly reduced my time to find promising locations. The help of a friend who kindly left me already marked position came to me. So by night I only had to find another fishing position. I found a nice plateau that spans a good five meters, at a depth of 5 to 6.5 meters. Both positions were approximately 250-300m away from the coast.

At dusk I successfully managed to set both systems to the desired hunting spot and so the wait could begin.

I don’t complicate much with the systems. A classic Carp Rus carp mouthpiece made by Carp Rus, which proved to me to be the ultimate, thick fluorocarbon shock leader and leadcore. Strong equipment is essential on this water, both because of the long distances we are fishing, as well as the varied terrain and the large number of shells that cover the bottom surface.

In hopes of getting the best result, I decided to go fishing for a tried and tested Elitex boiler from CarpChoice, which has proven to be top notch in the past many times in all fishing conditions! I decide to mount a single 20mm boiler on both systems.

The first night for me goes well below expectations, as I only managed to get the plate dry in the morning until six o’clock in the morning, which even surprised me, according to the locals, that the fish was quite active these days. The brother was much more successful with two realized carp grips, but nothing more concrete. At 10 o’clock in the morning, I also caught my first grip and slowly made my way to the fish.

The water conditions were ideal, with no breeze, but the sun was already warming the air and visibility was great.

I slowly reach over the fish and after a few minutes of grilling, I see under the surface a magnificent mirror, which in a few moments found itself in my pad. It quickly became clear to me that I had never caught such a large carp in this lake. I weigh it at 22-23kg and quickly head to the coast where my brother was waiting for me and help me with my fish supply.

As we lifted the fish to a pillow, it became clear to us that it was one of the top fish in the lake! For a short time I put the carp in the guard and prepared everything we needed for weighing and painting. I carefully drop the fish out of the water and place it on a scale that showed an incredible 28,250kg!

We are happy to start shouting at my brother and I, since neither of us had ever imagined such a scenario in our dreams. What a result at the first grip! More in the pictures below.