Ange and gravel pit

Gravel fishing has a special charm for me, so here I will describe my gravel fishing adventures, to which I always return with great impetus. It is water that is well known in the Carpara circles, but I will not name it after all, because like most other fishermen, I would like to avoid the extra crowding on this water.

I caught 25 dates here last year, and interestingly, I recorded as much as 90% of all the catches at night, but still got most of the heaviest fish during the day. By far, the single 20mm boiler assembly was the best, in most cases it was Sea Monster and Pineapple n-butyric, but other recordings were recorded on a multi rig system with Ultra Spice or Caramel Nut pop up, and I will relate to He will certainly be paying more attention to future fishing.

Last year was a record year for me, one of the highlights I experienced at the end of May, just days after the spawning period, when I recorded 7 catches in 36 hours, of which 4 fish were over 20kg.

It is known that carp spawns focus on finding food to the maximum, so I did not dwell on the amount of feed, which immediately proved to be the right decision. During these periods, large carp are ready to consume really enormous amounts of food, so it is easiest to keep a carp with regular feeding in its forage.

Generally, during the summer months, the best feeding for me was at every grip, even at night. It was exactly this tactic that worked many sleepless nights and I recorded as many as 14 hits in the most crazy night!

Most often I noticed the importance of regular feeding when we were hunting with a friend in the same position. While I was feeding myself on each grip and getting receptions throughout the night, a friend after four approaches succumbed to fatigue and stopped feeding, which was soon known in the activity of the fish in his feed, as soon as his activity stopped .

I choose positions based on personal experience and prefer to stick to places where I have fished well in the past. Of course, I’m not afraid to try something new, but as the saying goes, a winning horse doesn’t change when there’s no real need for it.

That is why I use only CarpChoice products, as I caught all my biggest fish on these baits and their baits were repeatedly shown to me even when the fish was inactive and most fishermen were out of water. Self-esteem counts and with CarpChoice products, in my opinion, you get exactly that.